5 – Lifeboat


Lifeboat is the last track on my EP Surreal. It’s a short instrumental track written to demonstrate how I wanted to write more ambient pieces of music.


Lifeboat is an interlude and therefore does not have any lyrics.

The writing process

At one point while writing another song I ended up playing this tune on the piano for about half an hour. That same melody turned into Lifeboat. I find it to be really simple, yet beautiful.

I ended up working on the melody a little bit more, but I ended up getting stuck on how to develop it further. However, I really liked it and I wanted to have it on the record, plus I had always wanted to start writing more instrumental tracks.

I placed it at the end of the EP to represent hope, so despite the EP getting more and more depressing as it went on I wanted to have a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. The glimmer of hope is the reason the track is called Lifeboat.

Other notes

  • During 2017 and 2018 this would be the opening track during live performances where the whole band would join when the kick drum comes in.
  • I also intended that the song would lead up well into the first track of the EP (Alright) so that the whole EP would be easy to leave on repeat.

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