I’m releasing regular videos about some of my favourite songs on my Spotify playlists since I enjoy talking about music. Check out the playlists below;

Current Playlists

Your Modern Rock Playlist

Lewis Poole – Timeline

Playlist submission

If you’re interested in getting your own song put on the playlist, please read the rules below then use the form below.

  • Please only submit one song at a time! – Otherwise it clogs up things on my end. If you submit more than once it will replace your prior submission.
  • Please use Spotify Song links only – Any links without the Spotify URL will not be clicked.
  • Please make sure to follow the playlist you would like to submit to – we will be checking.
  • No bribes – Song’s will be judged on song quality only, if I don’t like your song please don’t take it personally.

It make take some time for me to get to your submission, but please be patient 🙂