Track 3: Hills

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Hills is the most I’ve ever sounded like Ava and it’s a pretty cool track.

It’s about self-love and overcoming a challenge in front of you (a.k.a a Hill).


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Cold hands and no words that can save me from climbing this hill to escape
I hold grudges to this very day, they frustrate
It’s all subtle, I start to shuffle
If I follow the hedge and follow the lights could I be redefined?

If I’d like (like, like)

And now I am stood up straight
All muddy and I’m needing a reason to aim
My feet are still upholding their weight without complaint
But why bother, cause I’ll slaughter everything in order to get what I want
Did you know I’m meant to be king?

If I’d like (like, like)

Yeah I’m selfish to the core and all your pleas will be ignored.
I only listen when I’m bored and I suppose that makes me flawed

If I’d like (like, like)

I fly pass, I’m first class next thing you know I’m king of this hill
I did this all by myself, but..

Thinking of you (you, you)
Thinking of you (you, you)
It’s always been you (you, you)
Thinking of you (you, you)

It’s obvious, but I haven’t quite stated I’m 90 percent of perfection radiating
But I’m 10 percent off surpassing expectations
I could live without you, but I don’t want to

If I’d like (like, like)

Live acoustic

The writing process

There’s not too much to say about Hills. I honestly can’t remember much about when I wrote it either. Like I said earlier, it’s heavily influenced by Angels & Airwaves. I probably go full Tom Delonge-mode on this track, but it’s all good fun. It’s a solid fun song about loving yourself and appreciating your achievements. Nothing more, nothing less.

Other notes

  • There are only two chords in this song
  • I really like that trumpet synth in the background of the track.
  • This track almost didn’t make the EP and was going to be Patreon exclusive, but I gave up on my Patreon back in July.
  • Album two is heavily about becoming a better person too – so Hills is almost a pre-cursor to that album.

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