Track 2: Dreaming

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Every track in If It Escapes You has a running theme of ‘Love’ and Dreaming is a track about being young and harbouring these feelings for the first time. It’s quite upbeat, bright and a fun song (albeit an absolute bitch to sing the chorus) to reflect the joy of being young and arguably carefree.


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First room on the left, but last thing on your mind
There’s a girl back home am I willing to lie?
And I don’t know what world I’m living in
If it’s only a kiss then I should get a grip

Wake me up I’m dreaming, dreaming
I’m scared for my life I’m terrified

There’s a problem with the way that I’m thinking
All nerves and I wish I was drinking
We’re both young and dumb so does it really matter? It matters to me
A thousand degrees I’m screaming to please
Born from the sordid hunt for a lead
I don’t wanna wait till I’m eighteen (please)


Slow Chorus


(Yeah stare at the stars and tell me what you think)
(I’ll be looking at the sky after too much to drink)
(I’m speechless)
(Yeah I’m never speechless)

Live acoustic #1

The writing process

After writing Oxygen I wanted to write a more stereotypical upbeat track with a pop-rock summer vibe.

I like quickly jumping into songs with my vocal and Dreaming is no different. In fact I really like how the opening line bounces in after the strings and ‘music box-like synth’ starts the track.

The chorus is way too loud and I love it. I’m singing pretty high in the chorus too, but the echo Matt did in post-production really just adds the epicness when it comes in. I feel the chorus has a really catchy hook and to be honest, it’s just a good time all round. I love the little ‘indie-ish’ synth in the background of the chorus, I can’t even remember what it’s properly called, but it almost sounds like a trumpet or horn and it brightens up the track completely.

Live acoustic #2

Other notes

  • The acoustic guitar was one of the last things I added into the track.
  • I recorded live acoustic version 2 before finishing the complete version of the song.
  • I’m way too excited about the fact I used the word ‘sordid’ in a song. I think it’s a cool word that I first heard used in Enter Shikari’s song Walls.
  • The music-box synth playing throughout the track was inspired by the end of Say Anything’s Death For My Birthday. I’ve always wanted to end a track this way.
  • Another piece of inspiration from The 1975: I sang the last verse: “yeah stare at the stars..” in the same style that Matty Healy sings at the end of It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
  • Dreaming is my least favourite track on the EP due to how hard it is to sing the chorus (studio version only).

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