Track 4: One In A Million

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One In A Million is about being completely and utterly in love with someone. It’s about the idealistic fantasy of being consumed by love.


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Delicate, the words they escape me they hide in plain sight they’re stuck to your body.
Whispering things I already knew.
Before we met I was unfinished a reckless abandon
It was hard to imagine my full stop to my life sentence

It’s a one in a million let’s bottle this feeling now
(I’ll put you on the highest…)
Cause I’ll love you as long as you’ll allow me to.
I’ll put you on the highest shelf.

Intelligent you’re as sharp as a swordfish
You cut through the room my eyes are upon you
I could gaze at you for the rest of my life
It’s gotta be fiction you must be a siren singing me songs like ‘Earphones’ and ‘Hayley’
Deep drowned cuts recited perfectly
(So tell me the stories)


(..falling in love with youuuu, come COLOUR MY ROOOOM)

Guitar Solo


Live acoustic

The writing process

Dude I love this song! I’m a sucker for slow ballads and I always wanted to write a ‘first dance’ wedding-esque song. To have a couple dance to this track at their wedding would be absolutely mind-blowing for me.

I fully dive into the idea of being overwhelmed with love & desire for one person in this track and it’s good fun. I’ve done a similar thing with The Permanent Blue on my first album, but there’s no bitter ending this time. It’s just a beautiful track and I love it.

The guitar solo’s really cool too 😉

Other notes

  • Every record I write has the ‘Hayley’ easter egg: Basically where I mention the name Hayley. It’s been previously included in Berg and When I’m Mended. It’s also on album two too.
  • This song was inspired by You Me At Six’s – Crash. It also happens to be in the same key too.
  • According to google Swordfish are actually really sharp. I had to check before I wrote the lyric. It’s such a silly cheesy lyric that I had to keep it in. I hope it doesn’t break the mood.
  • I initially pictured the mix to be more like by song The Permanent Blue and Matt’s initial mix was entirely unlike how I imagined it. However, I loved what he did so much I kept it as it was (apart from a few minor adjustments)

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