The ‘Lewis Poole Experience’

Hey I’m Lewis Poole (you may know me already), but I’m a 27 year old pop-rock musician from the UK. I’ve been playing guitar & writing songs for 10+ years and I still feel like I’m only just getting started.

While you might have seen a few songs on social media I decided to make this cool ‘4 day experience’ thing where you can get to know me a bit better and I can go into more detail about all the music I’ve made. This ‘4 day experience’ will take you from the first EP I released straight up to the new album coming out later this year. I’ll be going into extra detail on every song, lyric & interlude, as well as giving you the ability to download it all for COMPLETELY FREE!

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Hold on Lewis, what is this ‘4-day experience’ all about?

Y’know what that’s a completely fair question so let me explain what’s exactly going happen..

Over the four days of the experience..

  •’ll receive a free download of every album and EP I’ve ever wrote.
  •’ll have access to a live acoustic video for nearly every song.
  •’ll gain access to annotated lyrics of each song.
  • well as annotated lyrics you’ll also be given a handful of additional notes describing the writing process behind each track.
  •’ll also have constant access to me so I can personally answer any questions that you may have regarding the EP.
  •’ll also be given immediate access to the private Discord server so that we can all hang out.


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