ALBUM ONE: Happiness In Heart Machines

In 2019 I released my first album called Happiness In Heart Machines. I had written a second EP in 2018, but due after procrastinating on the recording process I just wanted to start afresh and write something new. Happiness In Heart Machines is that something new.

Click here to download Surreal.

Simply right-click the link and then click; ‘Save Link As..’ to download the folder then unzip the folder and move the mp3 files into your preferred music player.

The tracks:


Recording & Production

I recorded everything apart from the drums at home.

Most of the synths are MIDI instruments and I DI (Direct Input) the Guitar and Bass.

The drum kit was recorded on Fiverr, as well as the final mix & master. However, there are only live drums on the first three tracks. Lifeboat and Overdose both use midi drums.

And obviously the vocals are done by myself and I use a Shure SM27 mic. The vocals on this album are doubled, this creates the weird vocal effect that’s present on the whole EP. I initially liked it, but I thought it would better without it afterwards. The first song I recorded without this doubled effect was The Box, so if you take a listen to that you’ll be able to tell the difference..

Other notes

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