Tech Spec

This is the technical specification for Lewis Poole’s live set. Underneath the Tech Spec we have also linked a YouTube video to one of our tracks so that you can have a listen.

We’re a 3 piece band with 1 x Guitar + Vocal, 1 Bassist, 1 Drummer with 1 Click Track.

Lewis Poole (Lead Singer + Guitarist)

Lewis Poole will bring his Blackstar Combo Amp and his BOSS ME-80 Pedal. Please could you mic up his amp.

Lewis has no vocal processor, but would appreciate a fair bit of reverb on his vocal.

Lewis will be likely bringing his in-ears and would please like to hear his vocals, guitar, backing track (a LOT) and the bass. Lewis is deaf in his right ear so if he has to use a monitor, please could you put it to the left of the mic stand.

Josh Haddon (Bassist)

Josh Haddon will bring his amp head and sometimes his amp. If but he doesn’t bring his amp he would please like to DI the signal straight through the desk/PA.

Josh would like to use a monitor and would please like to hear; vocals, guitar, backing track (a LOT) and himself.

Alex Pengelly (Drummer + Backing Track)

Alex will provide his full kit + breakables.

However, Alex is also in charge of running the click track which requires an XLR output through to the desk. It is important that the backing track is turned up quite loud in the mix and is very loud on the monitors onstage for Lewis and Josh. Sometimes the backing track can be a little quiet on the mixing desk so please turn up the gain to fix the issue.

Alex does not require a monitor of any kind due to playing along with his headphones.

Thank you for reading our Tech Spec

If there’s any issues or difficulties we’re all quite feasible and if something is unclear please don’t hesitate to ask any one of us.